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Family Defining Y-DNA STRs

  Two weeks ago, I addressed the formulation of a plausible family tree that would connect the three genetically related Owston/Ouston families.  Twenty-eight Y-DNA subjects have tested in the project to date. Their delineation by family is listed below: Ganton Family – 4 tested / 4 matching Sherburn Family (not including the Cobourg Line) – […]

Generating a Plausible Family Tree

GENEALOGY Unbeknownst to each other, three genealogists in the 1970s began in earnest to understand the ancestry of folks bearing the Owston/Ouston surname.  While each had his own sphere of specialization and interest, fate and a common zeal for understanding this low-frequency surname brought the trio together in 1990.  We crossed research paths simultaneously. Fairly […]

Owston DNA Studies: Another F2642 Y-DNA Mutation Reported

This week, it was reported that another individual in the National Geographic Genographic 2.0 project has tested positive for the F2642 Y-DNA mutation.  This is the second known participant in the I1 communities who has tested positive for F2642.  It is interesting to note that his genealogical origins are in France.   This certainly allows for […]

Owston DNA Studies: A New Y-DNA Mutation Found in the Owston/Ouston Family

Two weeks ago, a number of the initial males participating in the Geno 2.0 project from National Geographic received their results.  In addition to comparing an individual’s ethnic markers to a control population database, the new test extended its look of Y-DNA SNP markers.  We had an Owston family member participate in this project and […]