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Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. This holiday, which honors the war dead for all of the country’s military conflicts, evolved from Decoration Day which began in 1868.  The original May 30 holiday was begun by the Grand Army of the Republic – an organization of Union veterans of the Civil War.  Confederate […]

An Owston Meets the Great Emperor – Napoleon Bonaparte

Two hundred years ago today, on July 16, 1815, William Owston (1778-1857), the patriarch of the first permanent settlement of Owstons or Oustons in North America, was presented to the French emperor Napoleon aboard the HMS Superb. While details are sketchy, our first hint of this meeting came from an undated letter written by William […]

End of the Line: The Leicester Owstons

The Leicester Owston Line is our second installment of the “End of the Line” series which discusses those who last bore the surname.  The final male Owston in this lineage died in 1926, followed by his step-mother in 1928, and an unmarried sister in 1942; however, the name continued with a first cousin, once removed’s […]

Remembrance Day / Veterans Day

While numerous Owston and Ouston men served from the British Commonwealth and the United States during World War I, ten individuals gave their lives during The Great War.  Of the ten, eight were from Britain, one from Australia, and one from Canada.  On the traditional date of November 11 for Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth […]