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Who Is This Guy?

Jim Owston has been boring friends and relatives with intricate details of his family history since 1978.  Sometimes it has helped him get his foot into the door to learn about his most unusual surname; however, most of the time – not so much.  Although he began his research in earnest in 1978, his interest in family history can be blamed on an eighth grade assignment given in 1968 by Mr. George Ihnat at Park Terrace Junior High School. Had Mr. Ihnat not required his students to submit a family tree, Owston would certainly have had more free time, disposable income, and close friends had not this evil seed been planted in his psyche.

Owston has had way too much schooling to be practical and is characterized by his own spawn as being an over-achiever and professional student. His ramblings about his surname lineage, the value of DNA testing, and obscure facts run the gamut of the arcane to the inane – driving most others insane.  His closest relatives characterize him as having an encyclopedic knowledge of useless information – none of which has helped him pass the qualifying exam for Jeopardy.  Over the years, he has been known to haunt cemeteries, to lose his vision due persistent microfilm and computer viewing, and to develop allergies to the dust and must found among the holdings in old archives.

He has attempted to legitimize his activities as a genealogist by seeking membership in organizations such as The Guild of One-Name Studies, the International Society of Genetic Genealogists, the Sons of the American Revolution, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, The New England  Historic Genealogical Society, and Mensa®.  It hasn’t helped, so he has dedicated himself to propagate his genealogical acumen to any sucker willing to read scholars of his two genealogy blogs – this one and The Lineal Arboretum.

As his publicist, I commend you for reading this far without payment.


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